title: "ReLU Games"
description: "Relu Games"

Introducing an innovative experience through the fusion of deep learning and gaming

We focus on exploring deep learning as a tool to discover the fundamental fun factor of games.

Through the internet, we discovered the 'online/multiplayer' genre, and with advancements in devices, we experienced a new realm called 'mobile gaming'.

We believe that the future lies in deep learning.

Inspired by the 'ReLU' activation function in artificial neural networks

ReLU is a prominent activation function used in artificial neural networks that simplifies complex patterns by converting negative input values to zero for output. This represents resilience in absorbing experiences of negatives (failures) and signifies a commitment to pursuing challenges and innovation.

ReLU Games’ vision is to merge ‘deep learning with gaming’.

The Significance of ReLU Games

A diverse group of developers from different paths, has come together.

Inspired by the simplicity of the ReLU function, we pursue the true nature of fun.

Experiencing numerous setbacks and yearning for completion and amusement, we absorb negative outcomes just as ReLU does, and with persistent resilience, we challenge ourselves toward new possibilities.